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The recent controversial Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination conference was prevented from taking place by force. The following lines shed light on the conference’s recommendations and the press controversy it aroused.
The article discusses the second laymen’s conference, the topics discussed, and the problems surrounding the conference itself.
The Muslim Brotherhood makes contradicting statements over the citizenship issue.
Islamic intellectual Dr. Muḥammad ‘Imārah has been released by the Egyptian high state security prosecutor, Hishām Badawī, after having been interrogated on charges of inciting sectarian sedition and insulting Copts and Christianity. While stating his acceptance of Dr. ‘Imārah’s apology for quoting...
The author discusses the uproar surrounding a book authored by a prominent Islamic scholar, and the harsh critique directed against Watani for questioning the book.
Copts grievances were the main issues of the two panels held at the Jesuit Association and Mar Girgis Church in Minya and headed by Youssef Sidhom, editor-in-chief of the Egyptian Watani newspaper.
Muslim intellectual Sayyed Al-Qimni believes that considering Islam as the official religion of the State implies the existence of other informal religions, a situation which signifies the exclusion from all citizenship rights of holders of other religions. Whenever a sectarian problem arises,...
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