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The article highlights the main findings of the 2008 UN human development report for Egypt, which is entitled, ’Social Contract in Egypt.’ The article comments that while education has improved there are still one in five Egyptians that live below the poverty line.
This visit is considered an answer to the generous invitation that President Mubarak gave to Pope John Paul II. Father Rafiq Graish, pastor of Saint Kyrollos Church for the Roman Catholics and the responsible of the media center that is assigned to supervise the preparations of the visit said: "...
This is a statement about the recent events of Al-Kosheh. Hundreds of cultured people in Egypt signed it. These people care about the country’s concerns.
The YWCA World Conference ended its sessions yesterday. 600 women participated in that conference from all over the world. The Conference organized a campaign in order to write off the debts of the poor countries. This campaign will be held by the British Christian Aid organization.
Today Mrs. Mubarak opens the 29th International Conference for the Christian Women’s Associations. Dr. Mervat Al-Talawi, the minister of Social Affairs, and Mamdouh Al-Beltagi, the minister of Tourism, will be attending the opening session. 600 women attend this conference, representing leaders of...
Al-Watani newspaper hosted a symposium on the national role of the Egyptian Church. The symposium was organized in cooperation with the Center for National Unity Studies, a civic institution devoted to establishing values of national unity through dialogue between various cultural groups.
The De La Salle School in Al-Dhahir, Cairo is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year by holding a number of seminars and intellectual fora aimed at confirming the role of education in instilling the principles of mutual respect and acceptance of others.
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