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Dr. Mahmūd ‘Azab, advisor to the Azhar Shaykh for Dialogue, and Dr. Girgis Sālih from the Coptic Orthodox Church have inaugurated a branch of Bayt Al-ʿA’ila in Port Said.
A summary of Prof. Harald Suermann’s lecture on Christian documents from the 7th century that document Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt just following the arrival of Islam in Egypt.
Professor Harald Suermann visited the CIDT office and delivered a lecture about Christian attitudes toward Muslims during the Umayad era. An article also reflects on a Gallup poll that states that Egypt is the most religious country in the world.
The Middle East Council of Churches has released the English version of its highly successful and informative book about the history of Christianity in the Middle East.
In recent elections of the Middle East Council of Churches [MECC], Egyptian churches have lost two leading positions. Armenian Catholicos Aram I has been elected to head Eastern Orthodox churches, when the Maronite Bishop Būlus Matar is to head Catholic churches at the MECC.
While the Coptic Orthodox Church warns of the danger of the Adventists, who are considered to be heretics, the head of the “group” appears to ignore the opinion of the leaders of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
The first international Muslim-Christian dialogue conference opened Tuesday in Cairo. The Grand Imam of the Azhar, Muhammad Sayyid Tantāwī, and Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria opened the conference, organized by Saudi national Islamic institutions and the Middle East Council of Churches.
Most of the Egyptian papers and magazines devoted full pages to congratulate Christians on Christmas. Christian and Muslim writers believe that January 7 is considered a vivid example of Egyptian national unity.
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Pope Shenouda III, the Pope of Alexandria and the Patriarch of the Sea of Saint Mark was consecrated a monk on July 17, 1954 under the name Antonius al-Syriani. On the occasion of the golden Jubilee of his consecration, a large number of bishoprics and churches published paid advertisements in...


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