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Pope Tawadros II, the Pope of Alexandria, the Patriarch of St. Mark Diocese, received on Wednesday Counselor Aḥmad Jamāl ad-Dīn, President of the Court of Cassation and Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council. Ad-Dīn headed a delegation of judges to offer greetings to the Pope on the occasion of...
Ahmad al-Sa‘dāwī writes about a division in the members of the Coptic laymen group.
The controversial court ruling that was issued recently is still creating heated discussions in Coptic and judicial milieus. While some think it is binding and necessary, religious sources reject it because it is a violation of the Biblical teaching.
The article discusses the entry of Coptic businessmen as a basic party in supporting the bishopswho are eager to succeed Pope Shenouda. It highlights the different point of views about the reasons and the expected outcomes.
During his sermon, Pope Shenouda warns young Copts against visiting Evangelical churches to avoid being affected by Evangelical thinking.
Max Michel invited 22 Evangelical pastors to a session to discuss his vision to bring the different Christian denominations in Egypt together. The author observed the reactions of some participants and Coptic Orthodox clergymen.
‘Muslim Jesus,’ a British documentary, creates uproar among Christians all over the world. Aḥmad al-Sa‘dāwī observes Egyptian reactions to the issue.
A Coptic Orthodox group is calling for changes in the legislative system of the church. While members and advocates of the group assert their respect for the church leadership, they stress the necessity of initiating serious administrative changes within the church. The church refuses to...
Aḥmad al-Sa‘dāwī discussed the issue of divorce among Copts in Egypt, referring to the recent marriage of the Coptic actress Hālah Ṣidqī as a case in point of Coptic divorcees receiving permission from the church to re-marry.


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