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What happened in Al-Koshh can be described as the new nightmare of the new century. These nightmares have reasons which should not be ignored. The Minister of External affairs insisted in his speech in front of the Shura [that is, Consultative] Council and People’s Assembly that what happened was...
In a press release yesterday morning, the Ministry of Interior said that the police station of Dar Al-Salam in Sohag has received a report about gunfire exchanges from the roofs of a number of houses in Al-Koshh village. The gunfire exchange was between the relatives of the two sides of the fight...
Examples of several extremists who want to use their time in prison to study for a degree. None of these studies are related to Islam. The Ministry of Interior would not tolerate this.
Sidhom writes about a letter from Bishop Yo’anis Zakarya, the Catholic bishop of Luxor who wrote about the despair of Christians in a village near Luxor who are not allowed to rebuild their church after they had demolished it in order to rebuild it.
Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman declared that he was ready to continue his imprisonment period in Egyptian prisons.
Al-Arabi has learned that Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman amir [commander] and mufti of Islamic groups has agreed to issue a request to the Egyptian authorities declaring his wish to return to his homeland.
The US Embassy has issued three-week entry visas to Aisha Hassan and Ahmed Abdel-Rahman, the wife and brother of Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, spiritual leader of the underground Al-Gama’a Al-Islamiya. The blind cleric is serving a life sentence in a prison in Rochester, Minnesota, for plotting to bomb...
Egypt has said that it would not object to the return of a militant leader serving a life sentence in the United States on the condition that when he returns home he serves a sentence passed against him by Egypt some ten years ago.
Some of the Press sources in Washington discovered that the American government is trying to get rid of Sheikh Omar Abd Al-Rahman and deliver him to the Egyptian government.


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