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After nearly two years of dithering, reported internal splits and a worldwide crackdown led by the United States, Egypt’s largest militant organization, Al-Gama’a Al-Islamiyya, issued a statement on 25 March announcing its decision to renounce anti-government violence.
The Arab Strategic Report issued last week by the Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies argues that religion has little to do with the problems faced by Copts. Weak democratic institutions and human rights violations are the main reasons behind the problems faced by all Egyptians, be...
Interior Minister Habib El-Adli said, "Terrorism is now denounced by people who had previously sympathized with underground groups, believing them to be Islamists preaching religion."
When general Habib El Adly took charge of the Ministry of Interior, he started a new security era. Some of his characteristics are calmness, self- confidence, objectivity and intelligence. General Habib El Adly is adopting the slogan " no one is above the law". The Minster also responded to...
An interview with the Minister of Interior about the security situation; releasing fundamentalist detainees, fighting terrorism, the minister’s refusal to meet with the Muslims Brothers, the branch of the F. B. I. in Cairo, Egypt’s attitude to Britain’s refusal to extradite terrorists.
Interior Minister Habib Al-Adli repeated previous statements that peace talks with "terrorist elements" is off limits.
Islamist lawyer Montasser el-Zayat, the de-facto spokesman of the Al-Gama’at al-Islamiya, showed dozens of letter of members of Amnesty International calling for a dialogue between the government and the leaders of the Gama’at al-Islamiya in order to avoid more bloodshed among civilians.
The year 1998 has passed with no terrorist acts unlike the many years passed leaving sad memories of terrorism. Security specialists agreed the wise policy of the new Minster of Interior, Major General Habib Al-Adly, is the reason.
Since the setback of June 1967, the Al-Ahram paper has lost its credibility in covering Egypt’s internal affairs. 760 repentant Muslim extremists were released but stories of torture committed by police to extract confessions are frequently coming back.
Major General Habib Al-Adly, Minister of Interior, ordered the release of 760 extremists proved to give up terrorism.


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