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Major General, Habib Al-Adly, Minister of Interior, ordered questioning 13 police officers in Alexandria for committing acts of brutal torture against a citizen.
Al-Ahali has received a message signed by more than 60 youth from the village of Al-Koshh. The youth thanked Al-Ahali in their message for its extensive, subjective, and clean coverage of the case of torture that happened after the killings of two Coptic citizens.
Amr Mousa, Minister of Foreign Affairs, recently communicated with a number of countries including Japan and European countries, to correct the wrong image given about Egypt following Al-Koshh events.
The statement issued on the incidents of Al-Kussh Village by Pope Shenouda III, last Friday after a series of negotiations with the heads of the state security.
Minister of Interior, Habib Al-Adly, has announced ending cooperation with any person proven to commit violations. The ministry does not cover up any violations, and has transferred four police officers from their posts after the incident of Al-Koshh in Sohag in order to insure the neutrality of...
Minister Adly says there was a plan to blow the incident of el-Koshh out of proportion to disturb social peace in the country.
The British Sunday Telegraph has published another article yesterday by Christina Lamb who claimed two weeks ago that Copts in Egypt are subjected in Sohag to crucifixions and rape by the police.
Major General, Habibi Al-Adly, Minister of Interior, has accused an extremist minority and biased groups of individuals and media inside and outside Egypt of deliberately escalating campaigns targeting its security. The minister said it is obvious from the timing of the escalation that it is done...
Minister of Interior Habib el-Adly called for the upgrade the performance of policemen in order to avoid the recurrence of terrorist waves and an international conference on means of fighting terrorism.
Drs. Hulsman writes a special report about his investigation of el-Kashh incidents in August, where some Christians where killed.t 1,000 Christians in the small town of el-Kosheh," police behavior and mistakes in foreign reports about al-Kosheh. The report contains an evaluation explaining how the...


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