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This article sheds light on human rights violations in Egypt including the torture of civilians at the hands of policemen and security officials. The latest incident at al-Za‘farana ambush opened a pandora’s box and revealed atrocities being practiced in Egypt.
The review deals with the controversial issue of Max Michel, who defected from the official Coptic Orthodox Church and set up his own church proclaiming himself patriarch. He recently visited the United States.
The author reports on a meeting convened by the Egyptian Interior Ministry to discuss ways to prevent possible terrorist operations and notes parallel developments concerning members of alleged terrorist groups.
Five children were accused of belonging to a terrorist organization and were detained for two hours in the Marsa Matrouh governorate.
The author discusses the recent confrontations in the Egyptian Parliament between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Interior Minister Habīb al-‘Ādlī over a number of thorny issues.
The author argues that terrorism is a complicated phenomena which is difficult to eradicate since its motives and causes still exist.
Nearly 480 people, including 314 members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood have been arrested on charges of organizing unauthorized demonstrations in support of the judges, who blew the whistle on election fraud.
The Egyptian minister of interior, Major General Habīb al- ‘Ādlī, has submitted a memorandum to the Administrative Judicial Court, calling for the dismissal of the lawsuits filed by 150 Copts, who embraced Islam and afterwards decided to convert back to Christianity, and accusing the converts of...
A few days ago, news broke that the Egyptian Ministry of Interior had arrested a 22-member terrorist cell, calling itself al-Tā’ifa al-Mansoura [The Victorious Sect], on charges of planning terrorist attacks against a number of tourist sites, gas pipelines on the Greater Cairo ring road, and...
This press review investigates the three consecutive bombings in the Sinai resort of Dahab from an analytical perspective amidst growing suspicions of the loyalty of the Bedouins of Sinai to their Egyptian homeland. It also includes suggestions about the involvement of al-Qā‘ida network.


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