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 In this report, Misr al-‘Arabīyah [masralarabia.com] monitors reactions of experts and specialists to the report recently released by the National Council for Women (NCW) in Egypt on the explicit and violence against women scenes in the Egyptian TV drama during the month of Ramadan.
Cherchez la femme…a saying that directly applies to talk on the unified law on personal status affairs for Christian denominations in Egypt, now that each time women surface on the focal point of events, the society becomes more confused and male propensity against women becomes more prevalent.
The appeal launched by Pope Shenouda in the case of Coptic remarriage is postponed until March 14.
The ex-husband of actress Hālah Sidqī has obtained a ruling from the administrative judiciary allowing him to remarry, however Pope Shenouda has appealed against it.
An administrative court in Cairo has delayed the sentence on the Coptic Orthodox Church’s appeal against a previous ruling that allows a Copt to obtain a church re-marriage license.
The Egyptian press continues to concentrate on the current controversy surrounding the second marriage of Coptic divorcees and the Supreme Administrative Court’s ruling in this regard that obliges Pope Shenouda III to give Coptic divorcees who have obtained a divorce by a court ruling permission to...
A Christian woman accuses her ex-husband, who converted to Islam, of kidnapping their eldest daughter and threatening to kidnap the younger daughter as well.
Midḥat Bishāy responds to a previous article in al-Qāhirah, the article was written by Yāsir Gabriel, a Coptic author, who has criticized Bishāy’s stances on a number of issues related to Copts and the church.
The prosecution of al-Waylī suburb has called for the removal Pope Shenouda from his office and calls for him to be arrested after he ignored a prosecution summons three times.
The following presents the continuation of a lengthy interview with Bishop Bīshūy in which he expresses his opinions on different issues.


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