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Pope Tawadros has received Prime Minister Eng. Ibrahīm Mahlab in the papal headquarters in St. Mark’s Cathedral, Abāssiyah, Cairo. He also received a number of ministers that came to congratulate the Pope on the Day of Resurrection (Easter), including General Sidqī Subhī, general commander of the...
Bishop Musá stated that the church will not mobilize Copts to vote for any candidate in the forthcoming presidential elections. He stated that the Church stands at an equal distance from all candidates.
Bishop Basanti, Bishop of Helwan, stated that the Church does not rule the Copts (politically) but lightens their path. He stated that the Church does not push Copts to choose anyone in elections, as they have senses they can use and think for themselves. 
Copts celebrate the Holy Week, which marks the end of the fasting and the week before Easter, yesterday. The Church invited President 'Adlī Mansūr and Prime Minister Ibrāhīm Mahlab to join, according to the usual protocols. The festivities were organized in coordination with the security forces...
PEC (Presidential Elections Committee) has announced officially that Field Marshall Abd al- Fattāh al- Sīsī has won the presidential elections with a total of 96.91% of the votes compared to Hamdīn Sabāhī who got 3.09% of the votes. 
As soon as the preliminary results were announced, hundreds of al- Sīsī supporters  went to the streets and public squares to celebrate their candidate’s success.
The preliminary results of the presidential election vote count indicate that Abd al- Fattah al- Sīsī has won with a landslide. Al-Yawm al-Sābi’ states that 92.9% of the votes went to al- Sīsī, 3% to Sabāhī and 4.1% were invalid votes. Read original text in Arabic here. 
The three Coptic churches [Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant] have agreed to hold prayers the coming Friday (23rd) and Sunday (25th) before the presidential elections are held. 
Coptic Catholic bishop Botros Fahīm assured that the Church does not intervene in political matters and will not support a presidential candidate
  Preliminary results of the vote of Egyptians abroad reveal a sweeping success for al- Sīsī. 


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