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The article argues against the excommunication of George Ḥabīb Bibāwī, stating that affronts and libels are civil crimes that do not warrant excommunication from the church.
Ḥamdī Rizq interviewed a number of Niqāb-wearing women who work at the Ministry of Endowments about their reactions to the minister’s recent decision that bans the ministry’s religious counselors from wearing the Niqāb
The Muslim Brotherhood has been suffering from the massive state drive to detain senior leaders and subscribers of the group. This started when students connected with the group initiated a parade at the Azhar University, which the state saw as demonstration of the group’s force toward the...
Australian Muftī Shaykh Tāj al-Dīn al-Hilālī’s comments to an Egyptian program, in which he said that Muslims are more Australian than the Anglo-Saxons, triggered the outrage of several politicians in Australia.
Last Thursday, 10th of August, the jailed professor of sociology and head of the Ibn Khaldoun center, Saad Eddin Ibrahim, was released on bail of 10,000 L.E (2,857 US dollars) following a decision made by the general attorney of the state security department, Hisham Saraya.
Investigations into the activities of Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim, Director of the Ibn Khaldoun Center for Social Research, revealed new developments in the case. What the investigations and inquiries revealed is recounted in this article.
The trade union elections held last November showed a clear retreat of the Muslim Brotherhood candidates, contrary to expectations. Hamdī Rizq’s article reveals the details.
An interview with the Minister of Awqāf in order to get comments on recent demonstrations at the Azhar..
Discussion about the issue of divorce in the Coptic church, the ten conditions under which divorce was allowed in the 1938 law, and Pope Shenouda’s rejection of these conditions.
This article reports the return home of Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria from Cleveland, Ohio, where he received treatment for problems with his spine.


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