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Two sectarian incidents took place in the city of Isnā in the governorate of Qena, causing significant damage to Copts’ properties. Copts refused to accept the ’usual’ reconciliation meetings with Muslims, instead demanding compensation for the damages.
The article presents an interview with the director of Egypt’s branch of the Middle East Christians Association [MECA] Dr. ‘Ādil Fawzī, who has been detained for three months on charges of offending Islam and having a gun with no license.
The head of the Egyptian Union of Human Rights Organization [EUHRO] Counsel Nagīb Jibrā’īl has lodged a complaint before the general prosecution against al-Hāmūl prosecutor for not following legal procedures in a case of a Christian-born girl who converted to Islam.
During his weekly sermon, Pope Shenouda has denied that a priest has absolute authority over people, confirming that only God has such power. Additionally, he denies that the clergy could re-marry after their wives’ death, saying it violates the teachings of the Bible.
Pope Shenouda calls on Copts to participate in public life and to not suppress their children.
The chairman of the Middle Eastern Christians’ Association accuses the Egyptian security apparatus of hacking into the association’s website.
Coptic youth have called for a rally in opposition to an upcoming conference in the U.S. that will discuss the problems of Copts in Egypt.
Hānī al-‘Aṣar reports on the opinions of Muslim and Christian thinkers about the phenomenon of sectarian clashes in Alexandria.
The family of a missing young Coptic woman faces difficulties and abuse at the police station.
St. Mark’s Cathedral security has dealt aggressively, for the second time, with a Coptic citizen who wanted to complain to Pope Shenouda, during his weekly sermon at the cathedral.


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