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The director of the documentary film ‘The Nazi Brotherhood’, Jīhān Yiḥyā, said, that the film is the most powerful presented in Arabic language in terms of its success in evidencing the secret relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood Organization (MBO) and the Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler, which...
Political and social theorist Sir Isaiah Berlin famously compared nationalism to a ‘bent twig’, ‘forced down so severely that when released, it lashed back wit
An article appeared in Tahrīr stating that the late Sayyid Qutb, main ideologue of the Muslim Brotherhood, was a freemason.
The Washington Post adopts a dubious policy ranging from supporting the global organization of the Muslim Brotherhood to its editors' ignorance of the motives of the organization and its intellectual and political drives, and goals in which it seeks to spread its ideology by hiding behind the...
An article on the Nahda Movement in Tunisia.
In a new report, Dār al-Iftā’’s Observatory for takfīrī fatwas and militant views says that the Ḥasm terrorist group is evidence that violence in the Muslim Brotherhood’s chronology is not accidental, and rather a strategy established and nurtured by its founder, Ḥasan al- Bannā. 
The simultaneous bombing of the churches in Alexandria and in Ṭanṭā shocked everyone who is aware of the evil plan to attack Egypt through murder. For the war against terrorism has been raging on in Sinai for years and the Egyptian army has been thoroughly outworn as a result.
Four years after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, Hassan al-Bannā founded the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928 to bring about political, social and economic reform from an inclusive Islamic perspective. The Muslim Brotherhood became the most active Sunni political faction after the formation of national...


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