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Fourteen leaders of Islamic organizations and of specialized professors in religious affairs in Sudan issued a fatwa that accuses members of the [National] Democratic Front of blasphemy because of an article one of the members of the Front wrote which is said to defame Islam and the Prophet.
Rose El-Youssef magazine continues its recent attack against the Labor Party (in Egypt) claiming that the party has been hijacked by members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Muslim extremists, and that it is presenting itself falsely as the sole party representing the interests of Islam in Egypt.
Al-Turabi stated that committing adultery was less dangerous than sticking to the Sunna.
Al-Turabi wrote a substitute Sunna. He believes the explanations of the Qur’an did not cope with the new age and it had to be developed.
Al-Turabi said that Mohammed renewed the jurisprudence of the Prophets and he came to renew the jurisprudence of Mohammed.
The deniers of the Sunna believed that the messengers of God and the Prophets were possessed by the devils. Hassan Al-Turabi wanted to imitate Luther in his Protestant revolution against the Catholics.
A televised debate between General Fouad Allam, the former vice director of the State Security and Dr. Tawfiq Al Shawi, a member of the founding committee of the Muslim Brotherhood.


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