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The Egyptian press exposed religious authorities’ and intellectuals’ points of view regarding the violent confrontations between the Palestinians and the Israeli forces; in his interview with al-Musawwar, the Shaykh of the Azhar condemned the Israeli trespassing of al-Aqsá mosque....
The dean of the Faculty of Usul Al-Din [Usul Al-Din College forming part of the Azhar University in Egypt. Literally means ’fundamentals of religion’, which is a mixture of theology and philosophy.] has issued a Fatwa [religious decree given by a Muslim scholar, or a Mufti] in Cairo permitting the...
In an interview with Al-Ahrar, the Minister of Culture, Farouk Hosni, revealed that he accepts the censorship of the Azhar, "only if the work deals with a religious subject". However, in his capacity as an official in charge of culture, he refused to allow the supreme council of culture to...
A few days ago, the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights issued a detailed report about Al-Koshh incident. The government announced that it was full of mistakes and it was issued specifically to serve foreign organizations that are anti-Egypt.
The Arab Orthodox Churches of Palestine have called on Arab nationalist groups to protect their land which is being sold to the Israelis by the Greek Orthodox Patriarch Zeoudorous.
The conflict between Dr. Mohamed Said Tantawi, Sheikh of the Azhar, and the Azhar Scholars Front which was recently brought to court is made up of an accumulation of small problems that turned serious when other parties interfered.
Today four Azhar scholars are to stand in front of the disciplinary committee for the staff of the Azhar university and may face dismissal.
The Azhar schools sector has begun to take actual steps towards the execution of the decree reducing the school years in the secondary level to three.
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