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The Ibn Khaldoun Center is accused to take every opportunity to speak about the existence of a minority in Egypt. The author of the article, obviously, doesn’t believe the Copts are a minority. It points to the fact that the Ibn Khaldoun Center receives much financing from abroad.
The December 17 summons of Professor Samia Mehrez by the American University in Cairo (AUC) administration to explain her choice of a book containing "obscene" passages has mushroomed into something far bigger than anyone originally involved expected. This issue follows the controversy over Maxine...
The Minister for Education, Dr. Hussein Kamal Baha Al-Din, has issued a Ministerial decree number 29 dated January 1, 1999, to add Dr. Milad Hanna to the committee for the revision of the History curriculum at all educational levels in particular with the aim of pointing out the importance of the...
A Christian wrote el-Watani and said it was his right to be promoted but this didn’t happen.


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