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The article reports on the spread of Niqāb-clad women in society.
Islam is Islam Society in Britain launches a media campaign to confront wrong concepts about Islam and Muslims.
The article reviews the life of al-Talmisānī, one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s most influential leaders who opened up the realm of dialogue for the group, and exerted great effort to furthering Muslim-Christian relations.
It seems that the differences will increase when we discuss the issue of specifying one’s religion on ID cards, especially after the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee at the People’s Assembly, Mustafa al-Fiqī, said that both Muslims and Christians support the cell in IDs that specifies...
The Egyptian Court of Cassation accepted the second appeal Saad Eddin Ibrahim lodged against the seven-year imprisonment sentence handed down to him. The Cassation Court cancelled the ruling and set January 7 for a third and final trial of Ibrahim. Ibrahim was released after the court?s session.
Extremists in The Netherlands and worldwide will be satisfied with a crime committed by a Pakistani man, Muḥammad Surūr, who shot a female Pakistani minister to death for assuming a leading office within the government, and for violating Sharī‘ah by working in politics rather than of staying at...
The Muslim Brotherhood’s role in Egyptian political life continues to be discussed in Egyptian media after the file of their alleged military activities was referred to the State Security apparatus.
Muslim thinker Dr. Muḥammad ‘Imārah has come under fire for his book, ’Fitnat al-Takfīr Bayna al- Shī‘ah wa-al-Wahābīyah wa-al-Sūfīyah’ [Reviewer: The Sedition of Takfīr between Shī‘ah, Wahhābism and Ṣūfism], in which he quoted texts that allegedly incite the killing of non-Muslims. Disregarding Dr...
Ibrāhīm Sa‘dah denounces the Takfīr of Rose al- Yūsuf, and highlights what he calls some “unjust” issues in the thesis of the Azhar researcher, calling on Azhar scholars and parliament members to take a positive role in defending intellectuals and education from unjust Takfīr.
The campaign against Saad Eddin Ibrahim and his committee has continued in the Egyptian media, following his referral to the high court of state security.


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