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Muhammad Yusrī, the fugitive brother of terrorist Īhāb Yusrī, who carried out a recent suicide bombing at the downtown ‘Abd al-Muncim Riyād square, was handed over by Libya, where he escaped shortly before the incidents in which several people were injured. His sister Najāt Yusrī, along with a...
Terrorism has proliferated in nearly all Islamic and Arab countries despite the differences between the ruling regimes. Within the Palestinian people’s resistance against the Israeli occupation, the phenomenon spread that some called “suicide bombing” and others called “martyrdom operations.”
A terrorist blast and shooting rocked downtown Cairo on Saturday afternoon leaving the three assailants killed and seven people wounded
The security authorities sealed, once and for all, the files related to the recent terrorist operations in the downtown Cairo areas of the Azhar, al-Sayyida ‘Ā’isha and ‘Abd al-Mun‘im Riyād Square. These terrorist operations had appalled the citizens and resulted in a number of Egyptian and foreign...
The Supreme State Security Court resumes hearings on the bombings of the Azhar area and ‘Abd al-Mun‘im Riyād square that took place in April, 2005.
The article carry some of the confessions given by suspects in last year’s bombings in different areas of downtown Cairo, which killed a number of tourists and Egyptians and wounded dozens others.
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