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ʿImād Ḥijāb, a human rights expert and human rights researcher, stressed the necessity to mobilize civil society, lawyers and law firms in the country to form a national lobby to classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group worldwide.  Additionally, efforts should be made to stop attempts...
Table of Contents I. Introduction: Complications II. Egyptian Media Reporting III. Experiences of the Center for Arab-West Understanding (CAWU) IV. NGO Registration: The U.S. Model
The Egyptian press reported on the international reactions to the controversial Dutch movie Fitna.
Egypt has won a seat in the UN Human Rights Council with unprecedented international support.
The third meeting of the Council for Human Rights and civil society organizations has called for the establishment of a Ministry of Human Rights and for changes in Egyptian society to prevent sectarianism and discrimination.
In an interview with al-Ahrām, vice president of the National Council of Human Rights, Dr. Ahmad Kamāl Abu al-Majd discusses the main four issues of concern to the council. He pays special attention to the basic rights of the citizen and Islamic preaching and institutions.
The First Federation of organizations and specialized human rights centers was established in Egypt and 10 Arabic countries, on the model of the International Federation of Human Rights.
The National Council for Human Rights is now fully prepared to observe the upcoming presidential and legislative elections. A working group has set up a committee to prepare the final report on the elections.
The National Council for Human Rights rejected the report on religious freedom released by the American Congress for 2004 because it includes false information about Egypt. Furthermore, the report lacks accuracy and objectivity. Dr. Kamal Abu Al-Magd, deputy chairman of the National Council for...
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