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Rose al-Yūsuf magazine prepared a comprehensive report about education in Egypt, devoting over 90 pages to this complicated issue. The magazine presented realistic statistics related to education, and gaged the opinions of experts on the matter.
Assemblies and demonstrations take place after the Friday prayer and worshippers walk out of the mosques into the streets, which is not within the scope of the awqāf [endowments] ministry, said Awqāf Minister Mahmoud Hamdī Zaqzouq in an interview.
How could Sufism, which has been penetrated by some pretenders and impostors, return to its golden age? Real Sufism is synonymous with spiritual and mental purity, out of the love for God and His messenger, away from any sentiments of envy, venom, hatred or grudges. Sufism has been penetrated by...
The writer presents famous examples of successful women who worked in the field of da‘wah.
Iqbāl al-Sibā‘ī reports about the different opinions of Islamic scholars.
The idea proposed by the Minster of Awqaf [Religious Endowment] Dr. Mahmoud Hamdi Zaqzouq inspired wide-scale reactions among Muslim scholars and the public. Many conservative Muslims did not like the idea of unifying the Azan, likely because it is so radically different from what people are used...
The article sheds light on Islamic banks and investment of capital companies. They have a religious appearance and a commercial nature. It also comments on the relations between Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood.
Rose al-Youssef has taken upon itself to confront two recent, suspicious, religion-related phenomena. One is the new breed of Shaykh preaching in private homes. The other is the hypocritical defense of Islām in the face of a wave of offending literary works. There is now a third phenomenon...
Prominent Azhar scholars express their views about forcing young girls to wear the khimār.
Rose al-Yousuf devotes a file to the increasing phenomenon of the hijāb in Egypt.


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