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Arab-West relations have been one of the most controversial relationships in the international arena for decades.
(Right) now all the political groups in Egypt conform to one main principle, which is to make sure that every part of society is represented in the constituent assembly that will draft the Egyptian constitution. There is no doubt that this principle is credible as long as it is implemented...
Al-Dustūr published a two-page file on niqāb in Egypt. About 17 percent of Egyptian women wear niqāb. Authors of the files tried to point out the reasons behind the phenomenon.
In the article, a new legislation prevents marriage before the age of 18 and allows mothers to call their babies by their own names has stirred huge controversy on the religious level.
The article presents the reactions of Egyptian newspapers to the increasing offensives against the Prophet Muhammad in Western media.
Iqbāl Barakah criticizes the 1997 ban on the hijāb in Turkish universities, showing that it also violated rights of sectarianism.
In the article, Iqbāl Barakah responds to the Austrian rightist politician Susanne Winter’s attacks on Islam and the Prophet Muhammad.
Drs. Hulsman discusses a number of articles that deal with a recent European Parliamentary resolution, highlighting the condition of human rights in Egypt, and the subsequent media uproar that followed in the Egyptian press. He further points to a number of articles that refer to the condition of...
Shaykh Muhammad Sayyid Tantāwī, the grand imām of the Azhar, works hard to gain the regime’s appreciation and incurs many Azhar scholars and shaykh’s enmity because of his stances toward different issues.
The article reports on statements of the Coptic businessman Najīb Sawirus, in which he has commented on the platform of the Muslim Brotherhood’s proposed party. Sawirus opposed the group’s inclinations to eliminate non-Muslims and womens’ political rights to run for presidency.


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