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Politicians, thinkers, and human right activists have asserted that the long-awaited platform of the banned Muslim Brotherhood group is a huge jump backward in politics as it clearly rules women and Coptic citizens out of high leading positions.
This article shows the opinions of a number of leading journalists regarding the state-owned press and the calls to privatize it.
Rose al-Yūsuf magazine publishes a report about the spread of Zāwiyahs in the streets of Cairo. The weekly magazine reviews a report published by the U.S. Los Angeles Times about Zāwiyahs.
The article is based on a file that was issued by Rose al-Yūsuf magazine on the role held by religious men in both Christianity and Islam in society, and their disputes with each other.
The article analyzes the trend of Islamic groupsto fight their way to power under the cloak of religion.
Wafā’ Shu‘ayrah reports on the lawsuits filed by Islamized Christians who want to convert back to Christianity.
The Supreme Administrative Court will rule on the apostasy cases, the term has come to represent cases of Christians who converted to Islam and now wish to return to Christianity.
The author considers the Azhar Takfīr thesis to be mere slander. For him it indicates unproved accusations that violate the rules of academic research. He associates the thesis with the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology, and warns of the increasing danger of terrorism that seems even reach...
Muslims in the West are responsible for showing the real image of Islam. They can play a negative role when they react in a fundamental way.
While some believe that military struggles should be used to achieve the U.S’s aims, others believe in the necessity of bridging the gap between the United States and ‘the other.’


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