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This paper begins by reviewing Egypt’s post-2011 transition prior to 2013, which includes briefs on the 2011-2012 parliamentary elections, the 2012 presidential elections, and unrest and sectarian violence during the period between Ḥusnī Mubārak’s overthrow and the summer of 2013.
The author rejects the term ‘the other’ in talking about those who are different, preferring to use the term ‘the second party’ that indicates participation in the same goal.
The authors of the article argue that citizenship is the only solution to achieve equality between followers of different religions in a country. They discuss the issue with Muslim and Coptic intellectuals.
The first conference of the Middle East Freedoms Forum was held in Cairo under the title: “Where is Egypt heading?” The following lines present information about the participants and the main subjects that were discussed during the conference.
The author criticizes the media in Egypt for only furthering adding to divisions between Muslims and Christians, and the need to spread a culture of tolerance.
In light of the latest reports about Islamic religious institutions and its authority to ban religious books, the author comments on the freedom of expression within the church and the role Christian religious institutions play in that respect.
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