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Observers and intellectuals of Egypt are still leading wide-ranging discussions concerning the proposed constitutional amendments. While the Muslim Brotherhood seems to reject citizenship, other observers consider it the cornerstone in building democracy and political systems. Many observers still...
Egyptian newspapers and magazines have continued discussing the consequences of the announcement of the Brotherhood’s initiative for political reform from a rented hall at the Journalists? Syndicate. The event triggered a crisis between the government and the Syndicate.
The article explains that the appointment of Muhammad Mahdī Akef supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood after the death of its former supreme guide Councilor Ma?moun al-Hudaiby has not brought any practical change to the status of the Brotherhood in Egypt as an outlaw group
The article reviews a study by Islamist Abū al-‘Ilā Mādī in which he shows the history and ideological bases of al- Jamā‘ah al-Islāmīyah.
The author begins by highlighting the number of Muslim Brothers elected in the 2005 parliamentary elections. He goes on to discuss his meeting with members of the Brotherhood, and their real goals for Egypt as stated in 2005, and looks back to consider how much of what was expected was actually...
Since police arrested members and key figures of the Muslim Brotherhood over holding a military rally at the Azhar University, the group has been suffering from a massive security campaign from and a threat of the constitutional changes.
The article is about the crisis that the Muslim Brotherhood group faces as some of its affiliated students present a military arts show in the campus of the Azhar University.
Last Sunday the Cairo Criminal Court annulled the decision of the Supreme State Security Prosecution that placed al-‘Iryān under house arrest, and upheld the decision for his release.
Although the Criminal Court has issued a verdict canceling a decision of the High State Security Prosecution putting two prominent Muslim Brotherhood leaders, Dr ‘Isām al- ‘Iryān and Muhammad Mursī, under house arrest, many criticized the group for adhering to a vague political and religious...
Anti-Muslim Brotherhood releases in the Egyptian press.


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