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The article discussions the furor that was caused by a document that allegedly showed how the U.S. was funneling aid into Christian organizations, and how the reporting on the issue help to stir up a media tempest.
The article discusses the second laymen’s conference, the topics discussed, and the problems surrounding the conference itself.
The increasing ‘Ch’ phenomenon spreading throughout universities is worrying a number of Coptic clergymen, who believe that inter-mingling is the solution to furthering Muslim-Christian relations.
Ishāq Ibrāhīm reports about Bishop Mūsá’s meeting with Christian college students discussing the “ch” phenomenon.
Watani International interviews Mounir Fakhry Abdel-Nour, the Secretary-General of the Wafd Party, and discusses with him the Party’s future plans, its strategies to engage the Egyptian public and for the upcoming elections and political reform in general.
The main concerns of the Copts that are being discussed are the legislative structure that forms an obstacle to the building of churches and Coptic representation in senior public positions and in parliament. A seminar under the name ‘The Copts of Egypt at a cross-road’ discussed the core of the...
An article covering a seminar which took place at the Cairo Center for Human Rights on problems facing Copts in Egypt in which a number of famous Egyptian intellectuals participated.
Danger of Christian students isolating themselves in small groups in Egyptian universities. Discussing Father van Nispen’s book “Muslims and Christians, brothers before God” at Cairo University Dutch Christian group showing interest in AWR.


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