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The story of two friends, Ahmed and Bishāy, shows that some that Muslims and Christians in Egypt are still as united as they used to be.
Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary members try to stop new legislation on the establishment and work of NGOs. They attacked many items in the legislation, such as an item that allows non-Egyptians to participate in NGOs. They argued that this could give people who hate Egypt the chance to penetrate...
Ezzat Al-Sa’dani writes an introduction about Alija lzetbegovic, the former president of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Republic. Although he was not Arabic, he was a perfect example of a Muslim. Alija lzetbegovic was the only person who presented Islam through the language understood, known, spoken...
Egypt is the source of the idea of monotheism. Ancient Egyptians were the first to believe in one God. They stated that god Aton was the hidden power that gives life.
Sheikh Tantawi says incest is in complete violation of the Qur`an and that those who commit incest should be severely punished.
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