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A senior Muslim Brotherhood official suggested Saturday there was still time for dialogue between the government and the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, after four of the group’s officials were expelled to Qatar.
Deputy Prime Minister Ayman Majali on Monday said the government had to deport four Hamas leaders because they would not accept Jordan’s conditions to resolve the deadlock between the two sides.
Four leaders of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, were released on Sunday and flown to Qatar after the case against them was dropped, Prime Minister Abdur-Ra’uf S. Rawabdeh said.
Prior to his departure last week for the United States, King Abdullah II of Jordan reiterated that his government’s crackdown on Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) offices in the capital Amman was motivated purely by Jordanian, rather than by foreign interests. "We have [experienced] no pressure...
The chief defense lawyer for two Hamas leaders detained on charges of belonging to an illegal group said on Friday he will seek his clients’ release on bail on Saturday.
Plans for a public protest in a refugee camp against the government crackdown on the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) were postponed indefinitely on Friday, according to Muslim Brotherhood sources. The Brotherhood sources said their movement intends to hold a meeting of the opposition parties,...
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