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Diana Sakakini [Diana al-Sakākīnī] was born in Milan, Italy, from the prestigious al-Sakākīnī family of Christian Syrian origins that has left indelible marks in Egypt as the majestic al-Sakākīnī Palace in Old Cairo testifies. She was educated in Italy but later returned to Egypt where her parents...
As an Italian who has lived in Alexandria of Egypt for one year, every time I go back to this Mediterranean city, I feel extremely welcomed. Many inhabitants of Alexandria are willing to share with me their experience of interaction with the numerous Italians that once lived in that city. Similarly...
  The visual artist Injī Aflāṭūn, whose birthday was honored by Google Doodle, was born on April 16th, 1924, and passed away on April 1989.
Amid dense security measures of police and armed forces, al-Gharbia Governorate witnessed a large turnout in several of it cities, whereas the number of voters in the village was not as large. It was reported that judges who were due to supervise the voting arrived late. Noteworthy is the large...
Political and social theorist Sir Isaiah Berlin famously compared nationalism to a ‘bent twig’, ‘forced down so severely that when released, it lashed back wit
In his address before the imāms and preachers on Thursday (October 25), President Mursī said the Ummah (Nation) will never rise without a conviction, as if the Egyptian society has never known convictions and faiths before the Muslim Brotherhood made their way to power.
Constitution expert Ibrāhīm Darwīsh, however, said the decision was a grave mistake committed against Egypt and ran counter to the constitutional legitimacy the president was sworn in.  


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