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In the final issue of the year there are always a number of delayed articles that should have been included earlier. Hulsman expresses his hope that the work of Arab-West Report will become part of Western institute and help to add to a proper understanding of Muslim-Christian relations. However it...
The recent controversial Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination conference was prevented from taking place by force. The following lines shed light on the conference’s recommendations and the press controversy it aroused.
The Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination [EARD] group held its first national conference last weekend. The conference was supposed to be held at the Journalists Syndicate but after journalists stopped participants from entering the premises it was moved to the headquarters of the Tajammu...
Two weeks ago, al-Fajr published a letter sent in by a Bahā’ī reader, who discussed in detail the principles of the Bahā’ī faith. In its issue of June 19, 2006, al-Fajr publishes two more letters sent in by Muslim readers responding to what they described as falsehoods contained in the...
The court ruling previously pronounced by a lower administrative court giving Bahā’īs the rights to state their religion in official documents is overturned by the Supreme Administrative Court.
The Egyptian government is appealing a court ruling in favor of recognizing the Bahā’ī faith. Islamic clerics deem confessors of this religion apostates. Suspicious over Bahā’īs being agents of Zionist interests in Egypt are raised.
The recent ruling by the Administrative Judiciary Court recognizing the Bahā’ī faith in Egyptian official documents like identity cards, passports or birth certificates has triggered outcry from official Muslim religious institutions that vehemently reject the ruling.
Dr. Muhammad Sayyid Habīb, deputy to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide, said that the Brotherhood opposes participation in anti-Mubārak demonstrations.
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