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Egypt welcomed news of President Obama’s expected visit to Egypt in June. The Azhar and the muftī of Egypt hailed Obama’s choice of Egypt and welcomed the visit and the expected discourse as a promising sign of improving relations between the U.S administration and Muslim countries.
Bishop Bishūy seeks political power and supports Jamāl Mubārak.
Although Bishop Marqus stresses the fact that he opposes the government, he supports Jamāl Mubārak to succeed his father as the president of the Egypt.
The author claims that Bishop Bīshūy is promoting himself to gain more popularity to support him in his alleged intentions to nominate himself to the papacy of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
The Egyptian press reviews 'Inside Egypt: land of the Pharaohs on the brink of a revolution', whose author claims that Egypt undergoes cycles of revolution, and is due for another one soon.
‘Amr Bayyūmī reports about the suggestion that churches in Egypt form a supreme committee to work on solving problems facing Christians.
Dr. Muhammad Habīb, the Muslim Brotherhood’s group first deputy was interviewed by al-Dustūr newspaper about his views on the Egyptian regime, Turkey and the possibility of Jamāl Mubārak taking power.
The article presents celebrations of the Copts of Egypt on Easter.
Copts of the southern city of Assiut have sent a letter to the president complaining about the promotion of a sectarian figure of the ruling National Democratic Party, Muhammad ‘Abd al-Muhsin Sālih, who has been accused of proselytizing a number of Christian families.
Three clergymen are according to the author the front runners to the papacy. The laymen also have their word.


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