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The author advocates for a unified law for building places of worship in Egypt, citing problems in obtaining a license to erecting a house for aged care that was connected to the Holy Virgin Church in Assiut as one situation that would be solved by such a law.
The author tackles statements made by Yihyā al-Jamāl, in which he asserted that there is no political party in Egypt except the Muslim Brotherhood.
The author wonders who is ruling Egypt and Dr. Mīlād Hana states that neither Jamāl Nazīf, or the Muslim Brotherhood is capable of ruling Egypt.
U.S. officials negotiate with the National Democratic Party and the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood admits that there have been other discussions between them and the U.S.
In his interview with al-Maydān, the spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad al -Katātinī comments that the group does not want Jamāl Mubarak to participate in the next presidential elections and demands equal opportunities for every Egyptian citizen.
The authors write about all Egyptian parties’ rejection to deal with the American International Republican Institute (IRI) except one party, the Social Constitutional Party, whose leader, Mamdouh Qināwī, welcomed cooperation with the American institution.
The author reports claims that Muslim Brotherhood member Dr. Rashad Bayoumi’s attack on Jamāl Mubārak, the president’s son and head of the NDP Policy Secretariat, in the paper ignited the crisis of Āfāq ‘Arabīya and that Safwat al-Shariīf, head of the Supreme Press Council has covered the...
The Egyptian authorities have started a large-scale arrest campaign against members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, but the reasons for the detentions remain unclear to most observers.
The article reports about the iftar dinner hosted by Pope Shenouda at the St. Mark Cathedral. It was attended by the Speaker of the People’s Assembly, the Speaker of the Shoura Counil, the Sheikh of the Azhar, Minister of Awqaf, some ministers, Mr. Gamal Mubarak, the head of Policies Secretariat of...
The writer interviewed Dr. Usama Al-Baz, the Egyptian President´s counselor for political affairs. He covered circumstances in Iraq, Syria and Palestine, the current Egyptian stance towards the Gama´a Al-Islamiya, and the social and political impact of the deterioration of the Egyptian...


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