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Muslim scholars assert that demonstrations of sabotage and protests which harm the country and the people’s interests are religiously forbidden.
Shaykh Muḥammad Ḥassān: Muslims should trust their potential and capabilities because the reality shows that this nation, even when it is weak, can withstand the mightiest power through the strength of Islam.
The article is based on an interview with the Islamic preacher Dr. Ṣafwat Ḥijāzī on the role played by religious TV satellite channels on spreading a so-called status of fatwá chaos.
The Azhar Scholars’ Front has formed a committee to discuss the contradictions implied in the Fatwás of the grand Imām Shaykh Muh...
Minister of Higher Education and the State for Scientific Research ‘Amr ‘Izzat Salāma said conferences held by the Arab League discussed the importance of correcting the tarnished image of Islām in the West.
Magdy Khalil, a Coptic writer in the US, wrote a series of three articles in Watani newspaper under a general title "A Returnee from Cairo." In this series, he comments on the conditions of Copts in Egypt. al-Arabi, mouthpiece of the Nasserist Party, and Islamic independent Aqidati highly...
Some people are appearing on satellite channels and issue strange fatwas in return for astronomical amounts of money - that rival the sums received by movie stars and singers - without a thought for the confusion they cause.
Responses of how the Islamic world could respond to rapid changes and developments. Critique on fake muftīs who issue eccentric and controversial fatwas on satellite television.
Muslim intellectual Dr. Abdel Azim Al-Mata’ani said the Azhar is playing a vital role in the confrontation against deviant thought that views itself as innovation, adding the Azhar is not entitled to confiscate any works of art.
Locals of Demtawa, Beheira, are angry because of the decision of the Higher Council for Antiquities to consider Abu Hasera’s tomb and the attached shrines as monuments. They think it will allow Jews to celebrate Abu Hasera’s mulid more daringly, practicing rituals religions and common sense do not...


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