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The American extremist Right, which now rules, changed peaceful Christianity into a severe war against Islam and Muslims. Jimmy Carter, Edward Kennedy, Patrick Leahy and the Catholic Pope could all confirm this. We have previously mentioned that the Christian West launched the Crusades for 200...
“I believe the first problem is the construction of churches. What I am saying is that there must be a unified law in which the mosque and the church are equal…We are focusing on this issue and the constitution guarantees the freedom of worship. If we really want to observe and respect the...
A Pakistani journalist interviewed Usama Bin Laden who said that if America used chemical or nuclear weapons against his group, they may retort with chemical and nuclear weapons. He added that the Pakistani president would be punished by the Pakistani people and Allah for cooperating with America.
Rafique Iscander, the head of the American Coptic Union, sent a letter to President Bush. In this letter he made the events in southern Sudan, the crimes of the civil war in Lebanon and the individual incidents that took place in Egypt appear similar. He wrote that in return for the aid Egypt...
The article claims that year more than one million Muslims in Africa convert annually to Christianity and that thus no effort should be spared to step up Muslim missionary activities.
An overview of the position of Copts in Egypt.
The human rights record of the American police force reveals the hypocrisy of the American system.


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