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The author discusses the reasons behind the Islam-West clash where he sees that religions’ differences are not the reason behind the struggle. Rather, he views the clash as mainly political.
The author discusses the Muslim-Christian relationship, pointing out the role of some foreign forces in increasing the tension between Muslims and Copts. He calls on religious institutions and society to deal with this critical issue.
Most of the Egyptian papers and magazines devoted full pages to congratulate Christians on Christmas. Christian and Muslim writers believe that January 7 is considered a vivid example of Egyptian national unity.
Egyptian newspapers covered the occasion of the Eastern Easter feast celebrated by the Coptic Christian Church. Topics ranged from historical background articles to opinion articles about Easter.
Arab media primarily placed the war in Iraq in the framework of the religious dimension. Religion is present in the background of almost all articles. Reactions of religious institutions and figures and the impact of religion on the characters of both Bush and Saddam Hussein are the focus of...
The article is a list of the articles published about Christmas in the Egyptian press. The articles did not only touch upon the spiritual connotations and values of the birth of Jesus Christ. Many writers gave their articles a political dimension by expressing their surprise at the discrepancy...
The author of the article asserts that imperial powers are taking advantage of religious sectarianism in the Middle East.
Dr. Jamīl Kamāl Georgy argues that the world is undergoing a phase of struggle among civilizations, not dialogue.
The author criticizes the ‘Da Vinci Code’ movie as defaming Christ, asserting that freedom of expression does not mean scorning religions.
The author discusses the phenomenon of terrorism and tries to set criteria through which an act of violence may be regarded terrorism.


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