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Nearly two thousand years ago, a woman and a man escaped with their child into Egypt for fear of murder. They lived their days in terror and anxiety for fear of being caught by ruthless men, ignoring the threat they faced by predators hounding their modest caravan, and hunger and cold swiping them...
The article highlights the controversial judgment of second marriage for Copts.  In his lecture in the Orthodox Coptic Cultural Center, Dr. Jawdat Jabrah, professor of Coptic studies in Claymont University, California, calls for the establishment of an independent Coptic department in the Egyptian...
This article gives a summary of the life and work of Coptologist and archaeologist Girgis Daoud (1930 – 2010).
On 29 October 2008, Bishop Serapion gave a lecture on ’Christian Unity from an Orthodox Perspective’ at Claremont School of Theology in Claremont, California.
The article discusses the al-Butrusiya Church in Cairo, a church steeped in history and notorious for the traditional ceremonies held there.
A group of students and scholars from Claremont University in the U.S recently visited the Coptic sites of Egypt. In the article the dean of the religion department who took part in the trip describes her experiences.
The author reviews a new book entitled, ’ The Churches of Egypt. From the Journey of the Holy Family to the Present Day’ which includes Christian sites from all over Egypt.
The article reviews a book entitled, ‘The Churches of Egypt: From the Journey of the Holy Family to the Present Day’ that features full-color photographs of churches and monasteries across Egyptian cities.
The author presents an interview with Carolyn Ludwig, co-author of a new novel released by the American University in Cairo Press entitled, ‘The Churches of Egypt.’
The author discusses Christian thinkers and their contributions to the history of Coptic art in Egypt. He includes individuals such as Zuzana Skalova and Gawdat Gabra, who produced a book on classical Christian-Egyptian art, and Dr. Isaac Fanous.


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