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Thousands of Copts and Muslims have flocked to the Damīāna village in Daqahliyya on Wednesday to celebrate the St. Damīāna feast, which is held on May 12 to 30 every year.
It is end of April that the Synod of the Coptic Evangelical Church will discuss the ordination of women to the pastoral ministry. According to Dr. Rev. Ikrām Lam`ī, the Evangelical Church believes that men and women are equal before God; He provides to both men and women to serve Him, a major...
Veto Gate published a featured story on the occasion of the “Good Friday” and the Observance of the Holy Week and Easter celebrations of the Copts in Egypt. The featured story highlighted the practices and rituals of the faithful on this day. 
In an opinion article published by Al- Bawāba News to commemorate the observance of the day of Resurrection of Christ, writer and columnist ʿAbd al-Rahīm ʿAlī, considered that the holy day marks the Resurrection of Egypt and its salvation from the conspiracies weaved against it. 
On Friday, the churches of Alexandria witnessed a large turnout of thousands of Copts in the Governorate to participate in the "Good Friday" prayer. Good Friday is considered the most important day of the  Holy week, commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death.
Dr. Wajdī al-Najdī, the owner of the mosque of the Virgin Mary in Minya, said that the works of construction in the mosque were completely finished. al-Najdī continued that some of the construction work for the hospital annexed to the mosque is still remaining, stressing that it will be concluded...
Egypt's Christians celebrated today "Palm Sunday”, the second day of Holy Week within the 55 days of the Holy Fast. Palm Sunday marks the day on which Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem and was greeted by the people with palms and olives.
Pope Tawardros II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the Holy See of Saint Mark, said that Christmas is a joy for everyone, not only Christians.
In its issue dedicated for the celebration of Easter, Al-Taḥrīr news published a report monitoring the observance of the events of the Holy Week and how Copts celebrate it. The article provided images of the celebrations and a brief rundown of the rituals.  
Pope Tawadros II, Patriarch of The Holy See of St. Marc emphasized that all Christians are complied to fulfill unity among them, as this is Jesus Christ's wish to be united into one body.


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