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The article is based on a listing of articles that tackle two controversial fatwás issued by two prominent Islamic scholars. The first Fatwá was issued by Dr. ‘Izzat ‘Atīyah, the head of the Hadīth Department of the Faculty of Usūl al-Dīn [Fundamentals of Religion] at the Azhar University. The...
Shock shrouded political circles in Egypt after Abd al-Halim Qandil, the Executive Editor-in-Chief of al-Arabi newspaper, the mouthpiece of the opposition Nasserite Party, was kidnapped, beaten and left stark naked on the Cairo-Suez desert highway on the dawn of November 2, 2004. Hundreds of public...
The Egyptian press is still giving considerable space for the issue of the banning of the veil in French public schools and institutions. Sixteen articles discussing this issue were published over this week.
Dr. ‘Alī al-Sammān, the former chairman of the Azhar’s interfaith dialogue committee, says the Arab-Israeli conflict is the root of all evil worldwide, adding that there is no clash between religions but rather a political influence that uses religion to attain its objectives.
A list of articles on the recent controversial press law from a variety of Egyptian news sources.
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