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Dr. ‘Adil Fakhrī discusses the Christian population in Egypt throughout history.
Sermons from pastors at the Maadi Community Church on ’The Da Vinci Code’ and its attack on Christianity.
The article tells the story of Solomon´s Temple and how it was built. The author believes that there is not a single prophecy concerning rebuilding the Temple in the Torah.
The Jordanian men of antiquities declared that they had discovered a cave dug into rocks, which they believe to be the place where John the Baptist was living two thousands years ago. They also found a human skull, which some of them think is all that remains of the body of John the Baptist.
It was called Theb Nethr in Pharaonic times when it was the political capital of the twelfth province of the Delta. Today, Samanud is better known as one of the sites visited by the Holy Family during the Flight into Egypt.
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