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How the Muslim Brotherhood came to establish an international organization is discussed.
Since police arrested members and key figures of the Muslim Brotherhood over holding a military rally at the Azhar University, the group has been suffering from a massive security campaign from and a threat of the constitutional changes.
Muslim Brother leader Mustafa Mashhour criticized group?s member Mokhtar Nuh for his initiative to encourage a dialogue between the government and the Muslim Brotherhood. The author believes that such criticism may make Nuh join the club of expelled Brotherhood members.
Some political researchers and analysts comment on the attitude of the Brotherhood towards the war on Iraq and its relation with the Egyptian government, which has been proved to be pragmatic. The group´s attitude towards the war is not at all in accordance with its slogan “Jihad for the sake...
Ahmad Sābir, head of the Egypt Salvation Front Abroad, responds angrily to Ayman Nour’s recent dismissal of several key members of the Ghad Party.
For its discussion of the British anti-terrorism laws, Saca Hurra [A Free Hour] program on the Hurra satellite channelwas joined by Kamāl al-Halabāwī, the famous Muslim Brotherhood leader who resigned in 1998 after struggles with Ma’moun al-Hudaybī. Surprisingly, Kamāl al-Halabāwī suggested that...
Sawt al-Umma succeeded in conducting interviews with al-Jamā‘āt al-Islāmīya affiliates living in London about the explosions that took place
In an unaired interview via Dream channel, the new general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood admits receiving funds from Saudi Arabia and attempting to assassinate president Abdel-Nasser. He speaks about the Brotherhood relation with the government, Pope Shenouda´s statement about granting Copts a...
The author is interviewing a former prominent member and spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood’s international organization, who said that the group’s agenda is based on reality and new issues in the political arena.
By listening to Muhammad Mehdi Akef, the seventh guide of the Islamist organization founded in 1928 by Hassan Al-Banna, one has a feeling of dealing with a personality that is regarded as the "pope" of Islam.


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