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In a move viewed as a withdrawal of its support of the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Jamā‘ah al-Islāmiyyah has called on all groups to review their stances and engage in a comprehensive dialogue in order to ‘realize the goals of the revolution and shape the future of our homeland’. 
Dr. Kamāl Habib researcher in Islamic Groups stated that violence reduces the standing of the Islamist movement and has never made it attain its goals
  Interviewers: Cornelis Hulsman, Eline Kasanwidjojo, Quinta Smit   Language of interview: English (original interview), English (presented transcript)   Transcript: Quinta Smit   Approval: Approved by interviewee   The interview with Jerome Drevon, a French PhD student, focuses on the Islamic...
The article asks religious figures and thinkers who might be behind the demonstrations against Pope Shenouda III and whether it is a coincidence that these demonstrations are happening right before the parliamentary elections. Mukhtār Nūh blamed chaos, Kamāl Habīb blamed Salafīs and Shaykh Usāmah...
The fate of the jurisprudential reviews of the Jihād organization has raised many questions and doubts. The reviews which did not come to light until now prompted some to believe they were just a scoop or a tactic by the group.
‘Abd al-Laṭīf Ḥāmid reports on the opinions of experts in extremist Islamic organizations on the issue of the occasional emergence of small terrorist cells in Egypt.
The article talks about the questions raised in relation to the significance of the Zūmurs brothers’ support of al-Jamā‘ah al-Islāmīyah’sannouncement concerning the fiqh reviews.
Rose al-Yousuf magazine has recently been astonished by two successive statements: the first by the Jihād organization issuing a death threat to writer Sayyid al-Qimnī if he does not renounce his thoughts and writings, and the second by al-Qimnī himself announcing his renunciation of all the...
Egypt’s al-Jihād group has stunned public opinion with its recent announcement that it killed al-Ahrām journalist Ridā Hilāl, whose mysterious disappearance a couple of years ago bewildered the security agencies.
Although it is still too early to unravel the Sharm el-Sheikh bombings that claimed the lives of 64 people - including seven foreigners - and injured 124 others, several facts are emerging which might explain what happened on that bloody Friday night.


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