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Karīmah Kāmil, journalist, stated that the third article of the constitution is a trap and despite this some people see it as in the interests of Copts.
The author queries why pro-regime writers have suddenly turned their guns on the Copts, lumping them together with the Muslim Brotherhood and Muhammad al-Barād‘ī. "Is the reason perhaps the al-‘Umrāniyyah events, the arrest of Copts, and the Pope's seclusion?" Kamāl asks. "We have learned that when...
This article talks about the founding of the organization Egyptians against Religious Discrimination (MARED) and the media coverage concerning sectarian issues in Egypt, with regard to MARED.
Karīmah Kamāl considers the accusations against Pope Shenouda to be an attempt to destroy the Coptic Orthodox Church. She recalls the beginning of disagreements that started with Father Mattá al-Miskīn with Pope Shenouda and former Pope Kyrillos.
Divorce issues pose serious problems in many Copts’ private life and are causing a severe conflict between the state and the Coptic Orthodox Church.
There is a contradiction between the Orthodox church and the Egyptian legislation on the matter of divorce. The book ‘Copts divorce’ reviews issues related to this matter.
The author of the article reviews a book by Karīma Kamāl, a journalist known for her articles discussing the problematic issue of divorce among Copts.
The author of the article refers to a few incidents between Copts and Muslims and wonders whether Egypt is a civil or a religious state.
The author thinks that having a unified personal status law could solve the problem of thousands of Copts who have divorce court verdicts but are waiting for having a re-marriage license from the Church.
A number of Egyptians residing in the US have set up a church independent from the Coptic Orthodox Church, and set up a headquarters in Egypt under the name St. Athanasius Church. Dr. Max Michel was ordained as its bishop carrying the name Maximus Hannā.


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