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U.S. Ambassador David Welch declared that the United States supports the Ibn Khaldoun Center for Development Studies as well as five other civil society groups working in the fields of human rights, freedom, and development in Egypt.
Religious education in Egypt is no longer exclusive to Azharian schools and institutes but there are schools that call themselves ‘Islamic’ that advertise their intentions to offer education in an Islamic manner.
The article explains how girls were required to wear the Ḥijāb in al-‘Ayyāṭ secondary school.
The article deals with a niqāb-wearing university professor in the University of al-Minyā with different views by other professors as to whether her niqāb would have an impact on the educational process.
The author investigates the phenomenon of assault on teachers by students and their parents in a way that several officials think poses a great threat to the values of society.
Karīma Suaydān opens the sensitive file of the appointment of Copts to vital positions through presenting the case of Dr. Mīrā Ra’ouf, who accuses the council of the Faculty of Medicine, University of al-Minia of refusing to nominate her as assistant teacher at the pediatrics department due to her...
Karīma Suwaydān picks up a rumor that has recently spread about H2N1 pollution in the water of the Nile, believing that schools and teachers shared in spreading and speeding the rumor. She, also, wonders about the real use of the crisis management committees in the Ministry of Education.
The author covers and comments on the conflict between moderate and extremist students at Helwan University in the light of a recent confrontation between extremist students and security men in campus. She believes that moderate students are strongly against the extremist ideas of the students who...
It is claimed that the extremists and the fanatic Islamic groups control faculty mosques. Yet, all university principals emphasize that they fully control them, especially since most of their Imams are appointed by the Ministry of Endowments [Awqaf].
The article shows that in order for Muslims to be the best among nations, they should practice jihad through science not through fighting. Many scientists comment on the important of science.


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