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Since he narrowly escaped an assassination attempt by the Israeli intelligence service, the Mossad, in September 1997, the Amman-based chief of Hamas’ political bureau, Khalid Misha’al, has been living under tight security. Misha’al knows all too well that he is still likely to be targeted by the...
Forty-four suspected members of Egypt’s most violent militant organization, Jihad, last week pleaded not guilty before a military court to charges of membership of an illegal group bent on using terror to overthrow the government, planning the assassination of top officials and security staff, and...
Only 43 suspected militants out of 107 defendants listed on the indictment bill were present at the opening of the military trial on Monday of leading figures in Egypt’s second largest, but more violent, militant organization -- Islamic Jihad.
A statement smuggled out of prison through an Islamist lawyer, signed by 10 so-called historic leaders of the underground organizations Jihad and Al-Gama’a Al-Islamiya, is the latest in a series of the jailed leaders’ appeals for an end to anti-government attacks.
The British House of Commons and House of Lords passed new legislation aimed at crushing violent Northern Ireland groups but will also hit terrorists from Egypt in England.
On June 18 two Shiite clerics were killed in the holy city of Najaf in Iraq. Concerns are expressed that this could have been part of an official attack on the country’s Shiite community.
Sha’arawi was considered "something of a saint". He defended Sadat when he visited Israel in 1977. His popularity grew after he resigned as minister of Religious Endowments and his popularity made him almost impervious to criticism and only a few, mostly leftists, dared challenge his religious...
An autobiography of the phenomenal preacher. The translator added the references to many other articles which appeared about sheikh Sha’arawi in the Egyptian press.


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