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The article reviews the historical facts regarding the relationship between the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Ethiopian Church.
The author gives several examples about the national stance of many Coptic popes throughout the history of Egypt, such as Pope al-Jāwlī, Kyrillos ?V and Kyrillos V.
The author sees groups inside and outside Egypt as plotting against the country’s national unity. These are Zionists in the USA and terrorists inside Egypt. He gives examples from history. Whatever happens, he argues that national unity must remain intact and the Coptic Orthodox Church proved to be...
Dr. Mamdouh Halīm discusses the constant conflict between the Millī [Community] Council and the Coptic Orthodox Church.
Discussion of the history of the Majlis al-Mīllī, the Coptic Orthodox denominational council, and the current problems it faces.
The author comments on the attempts of the US to intervene in the domestic affairs of Egypt through Copts.
The article is an interview with Ibrahim Fahmi Helal, the leader of the Coptic Nation Party [Umma al-Qibtiya], a right wing group that was established during the time of Pope Yousab. The group wanted the Coptic people to speak the ancient Coptic language and to cancel the constitutional articles...
Gohara´s comments are yet another example of how US Coptic activists contribute to a poisoned atmosphere. They certainly do not help their fellow Copts in Egypt with such comments but it does help them to create an image among fellow Coptic emigrants to the West as if they are the only one´s who...
On March 9, the Coptic Church celebrates the death of the great saint and patriarch Pope Kyrillos VI. It is a good occasion to remember him as well as a number of popes and their nationalistic stances.
The domination of the pope on the Millī Council and its candidates is the subject of criticism by the author of the article.


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