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While many monks and priests welcomed the decision of Pope Tawādrūs II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the Holy See of St. Mark to prohibit monks from holding confessions of the believers, and assigning the practice of this sacrament only to priests, some others expressed their reservations on...
The Coptic Orthodox Church on Saturday commemorates the return of St. Mark the Apostle’s remains to Pope Cyril VI.
The Church of St. Mark in the Alexandria Massalat al-‘Attarīn district, and one of the oldest churches of Egypt,  has been the target of a terrorist attack today. The Church has two entrances, the first on Kanīsat al-Aqbāt St., and the second on al-Nabī Danyāl St., near to al-Raml tram station and...
  One of the most important problems under the reign of Pope Kīrullus VI concerned those who were suspended from obtaining marriage permits. 
The Eparchy of Banī Swayf celebrated the inauguration of the Cathedral of the Two Martyrs Mār Mīnā al-ʿAjāʾibīand Abānūb al-Nihīsī in New Banī Swayf city. 
The Coptic Orthodox Church commemorates today the relocation of the relics of two of its saints Abakir and Yūhanna. According to the accounts of the Coptic calendar, the bodies of the two saints who, after receiving the crown of martyrdom, had been laid in the church of St.Mark the Evangelist,...
[This interview took place in English and was recorded. Editorial notes have been made between brackets to clarify some statements. The interview was transcribed by Esther Schoorel and edited by Douglas May and Cornelis Hulsman.] [Test]


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