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The Coptic Catholic Church in the Asyūṭ governorate has completed preparations for Cardinal Sandri Leonardo and his accompanying delegation who will be visiting the Cathedral and the offices of the diocese this Tuesday.  The Cardinal is scheduled to meet with priests and other members of the...
Coptic Catholic Bishop Kyrillos Kamāl William Sam’ān of Asyut said that the Coptic Catholic Church does not seek to impose its opinion on Christians to vote for a specific person in the upcoming Parliamentary elections.
Coptic Catholic Bishop Kyrillos Kamāl William Sam’ān of Asyut, led the prayers of the Christmas Mass in Coptic Catholic Archdiocese in al-Dhāhir on the evening of December 24. He prayed for the country, its stability and development. His prayers also included President Muhammad Mursī.
President of the Institute of Religious Education for the Catholic Copts of Asyut, Father Matāwūs Adīb announced that the enrolment for the year 2018-2019 has resumed. The institute is under the patronage of the Coptic Catholic Diocesan Bishop of Asyut Kyrillos William.
On Sunday, the French Coordination for Eastern Christians convened in Paris under the theme: ‘Against Discrimination and Violence of Eastern Christians and other Minorities’. High-level representatives of Islamic and Christian clergy participated in the conference, beside a number of journalists,...
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