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Jamāl says that he is amazed by claims of incompatibility between Islam and Christianity. He says that history proves that this is not the reason for tension between Muslims and Copts in Egypt. He urges all Egyptians to fight for national unity and warns causers of sectarian tension against...
A number of articles about the different attitudes toward freedom of expression are featured in this issue. Hulsman also comments on articles that discuss Copts withdrawal from Egyptian society, the number of Copts in Egypt and efforts to change the names of places in Cairo from Western names to...
A number of interesting reports and papers written by Arab West Report interns are featured in this week’s edition. These reports cover issues such as church building, disputes over church property and a report on a recent international congress about Ibn ‘Arabi that was held in Cairo.
Hānī Samīr wrote in al-Dustūr about the confusion of Christians over the amendment of the 1938 regulation and the unified personal status law. He describes the comments of various people involved in the situation.
Hānī Samīr comments on the rights of Copts to demonstrate overseas regarding conditions within Egypt.
Drs. Hulsman points to a number of articles in this issue that deal with sectarian strife, and the political trends that are gaining notoriety in the Egyptian public. He additionally points to the number of articles that discuss the process of divorce in the Coptic Orthodox Church.
Drs. Hulsman congratulates Muslims readers on the occasion of Eid, and points to a number of key issues in this issue.
A new controversy has erupted after a Coptic counselor proposed an amendment over the current church bylaw on electing the patriarch.
In spite of the democratic trends which prevail in the Muslim world and among some Islamic activists, there are still many conflicting attitudes about democracy which raises doubts about the future.
Councilor Labīb explains the three degrees of priesthood and argues that the Coptic Orthodox Church preserved the apostles instructions in its traditions throughout its history. He also calls on bishops to employ good sense and modesty and remember that they are the servants of people before God.


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