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The following article presents an overview of what the author coins the “talibanization” of eduction in Egypt, and the impact that it is having in schooling systems, particularly in relation to Muslims versus Copts.
The author talks about Islam in Europe, and highlights the necessary steps that are needed to ensure a peaceful coexistence of cultures.
The author discusses the belief that secularism is the only way of making headway and progress in the Arab world. He critiques Lafīf Lakhdar’s arguments, and considers how relevant they are in reforming Islamic society.
The author calls on international media and civil society to help in the promotion and protection of human rights in the Middle East.
As part of a series of meetings to acquaint the French society with the Copts and their plight, the ’Association of Copts in France’ organized a conference on May 5, 2006, under the slogan of "Copts: A Combat for Human Rights,” during which the citizenship rights of Copts in Egypt were discussed.
Yousuf Sidhom, in his final article of the Coptic expatriates conference in Washington, presents excerpts of the papers that carried concepts vital for the future phase of Egypt’s reform.
Generally, non-Muslims living on Arab Muslim lands are radically denied the dignity of the citizen. They are excluded from the process of decision making at all levels. Their rights are denied, or at least severely restricted, in occupying positions of senior (’sovereign’) ministries or prime-...
The first International Symposium on Egypt’s Cops took place in Zurich, Switzerland, between September 23 and September 25, 2004. This important event was organized by Mr. Adly Youssef, a leading Copt who lives in Switzerland, and was sponsored by "Christian Solidarity International" (CSI), "The...
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