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The National Council for Women Member Dr. Nisrīn al-Baghdādī participated in the Conference on “Women’s Empowerment in Egypt: Reality and Proposals for Treatment.” The conference was organized by the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University in the presence of the Social...
Despite the public uproar, the constitutional amendments were approved in a vote in Parliament. While the government and its advocators assert the importance of the amendments in enhancing democracy and supporting people, the opposition considers them an enhancement of the powers of the ruling and...
The author says that the local press suffers from lack of credibility, capacity and influence.
The history of the press code of ethics in Egypt.
Under the title, “Arab newspapers and the translation of the foreign press,” the Akhbār al-Yawm Academy organized the third international conference of the Journalism Department in the period June 25-26.
Recent studies reveal that the majority of Internet websites and religious satellite channels focus on theology, but fail to address vital issues in Muslims’ lives.
Dr. Layla ‘Abd al-Majīd reports on a Cairo University conference dealing with the relationship between media and democracy and outlines her requirements for democratic media.
In December 1976, Mamdouh Salem, then Minister of Interior, issued a decision to cancel censorship on books and newspapers. This was one way President Sadat aimed at presenting himself as democratic. The editors and the managers of the newspapers were appointed by the president himself and thus...
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