List of persons names (and their functions) used in AWR-Articles

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Name Function
ʿAlāʾ Ṣādiq

Journalist and TV Presenter and Muslim Brotherhood supporter

ʿAlāʾ Salīm [Al-Ḍamīr Association for Human Rights] (Egypt)
ʿAlāʾ Shalabī

the director of the Arab organization for Human Rights

ʿAlāʾ Shitā

He is understood to be a leader in the Jihād Group, as in this link:


ʿAlāʾ Ṭāyiʿ ‎

coordinator of Āl al-Bayt and al-Ṣaḥābah Alliance ‎(Egypt)

ʿAlāʾ ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ [Alaa Abdal Fattah]

Egyptian, in prison for breaking the Anti-Protest Law

ʿAlāʾ ʿAbd al-Khāliq
ʿAlāʾ ʿAbd al-Munʿim (Politician)
ʿAlāʾ ʿAbd al-Tawāb
ʿAlāʾ ʿAzmī

Author; Journalist

ʿAlāʾ ʿUraybī


ʿAlī Abū al-Khayr
ʿAlī al-Fātiḥ

Author; Journalist for al-cArabī newspaper

ʿAlī al-Ḥussaynī al-Sīstānī (Grand Ayatollah)

Iranian-born Shīcah cleric in Iraq

ʿAlī al-Qammāsh


ʿAlī al-Qarahdāghī (Prof.)

Secretary General of the World Union of Muslim Scholars

ʿAlī al-Sammān (Dr.)

Chairman of the Commission on Interfaith Dialogue in the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs in Egypt; Author; Former deputy chariman of the Azhar committee for dialogue with monotheistic religions


ʿAlī al-Sharīf (Shaykh)

Leading Figure of Al-Gamacat Al-Islamīya

ʿAlī al-Silmī (Dr.)

Egyptian Deputy Prime Minister, member of the Wafd-party

ʿAlī al-Sulāmī
ʿAlī Allāh al-Jamāl (Dr.)

Imam and preacher at Sayyida Zaynab Mosque

ʿAlī Badr


ʿAlī Bāshā Mubārak

One of the most influential of Egypt's reformers; contributed to the start of the Egyptian National Library and Archives; founding Egypt's modern educational system; Egyptian public works and education minister (1823-1893)

ʿAlī Fahmī (Dr.)


ʿAlī Fatḥ al-Bāb (Mr.)

Member of the People’s Assembly, affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood

ʿAlī ibn Abī Ṭālib (Caliph)

Cousin and son-in-law of the Islamic prophet Muḥammad; the fourth and final of the Rashidun Caliphs

ʿAlī Jabir ʿAlī (Shaykh)
ʿAlī Jumʿa [Ali Gomaa] (Grand Mufti of Egypt)
ʿAlī Khafājī [Ali Khafagy]
ʿAlī Laban (Mr.)

Member of the People’s Assembly,belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood; member of the Education Committee

ʿAlī Māhir (Mr.)

Director of the Institute of Peace Studies at Bibliotheca Alexandria; Former Egyptian Ambassador to France, Tunisia

ʿAlī Maḥmūd (Shaykh)
ʿAlī Miṣilḥī [Minister of Supply]
ʿAlī Raḍwān (Dr.)
ʿAlī Sālim

Egyptian writer and playwright

ʿAlī Yāsīn (Journalist - Egypt)
ʿAlī ʿAbd al- al-Rāziq al-Kāmil
ʿAlī ʿAbd al-Bāqī (Shaykh)
ʿAlī ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ (Eng.)

Engineer, former representative of the Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria

ʿAlī ʿAbd al-Raḥmān Yūsuf (Dr.)

President of Cairo University (Since 2004)

ʿAlī ʿAbd Allāh Ṣāliḥ (President of Yemen)

President of the Yemen Arab Republic (Since 1990)

ʿAlī ʿAshmāwī


ʿAlī ʿUthmān Ṭaha

He is the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sudan (1995-1998)

ʿAlī‎ Abū al-Ḥassan (Shaykh)

Secretary general of the Dacwá Association at the Azhar and former head of the Fatwá Committee; Author

ʿAlī‎ Abū Shādī

Head of the Egyptian Censorship

ʿAlī‎ Akbar Ṣālaḥī [Ali Akbar Salehi]

Iranian Foreign Minister

ʿAlī‎ al-Dīn Hilāl (Dr.)

Professor of Political Science at Cairo University; Member of the General Secretariat of the NDP; Member of Shūrá Council; Minister of Youth (1999-2004); Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science (1993-1999)

ʿAmār ʿAlī Ḥassan (Prof.)
ʿĀmir ʿĀshūr

Egyptian police officer reportedly opened fire on a train in the southern province of Minya, killing one Christian and injuring 5 others, Egyptian newspapers mostly emphasized that the assailant was allegedly mentally unstable and that his motives were not religiously motivated.

ʿAmr Abū al-Faḍl


ʿAmr Adīb [Amr Adeeb]

Egyptian Broadcaster and presenter

ʿAmr Aḥmad Sharīf al-Maṣrī


ʿAmr al-Bayātī

head of the Liberal Muslim Initiative of Austria (LMIA)

ʿAmr al-Maṣrī

Author; Translator for AWR

ʿAmr al-Najdī
ʿAmr al-Shawādafī

He was appointed president of the  National Centre for Planning State Land Uses (CPSLU) on May 16 2004

ʿAmr Asʿad Khalīl (Dr.)

Egyptian business consultant and trainer, specializing in marketing and media issues

ʿAmr Bādī [Amr Badi]

Son of Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood Mohammed Badie who was killed outside the Fattah Mosque on the ‘Day of Rage,’ August 16, 2013. He became 38 years old

ʿAmr Badr


ʿAmr Bayyūmī


ʿAmr Dalhās
ʿAmr Darrāj (Dr.) [Amr Darrag]

Member of the Political Committee of the Muslim Brotherhood, 2002-2006, Chairman of the Constitutional Drafting Committee; 2012 Chairman Foreign Relations Committee of the Freedom and Justice Party, July 12, 2012 - July 16, 2013;Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, May 7 – July 4, 2013

ʿAmr Fārūq


ʿAmr Gharbīyya


ʿAmr Ibn al-ʿĀṣ (Governor)

Governor of Egypt (642-644), (657-664); military commander; leader of the Muslim conquest of Egypt in 640; One of the Ṣaḥabah

ʿAmr Jumʿa
ʿAmr Khālid [Amr Khaled] (Dr.)

Islamic Preacher


ʿAmr Manṣūr [Amr Mansour]

TV-host on al-Tahrir channel (Egypt)

ʿAmr Ramaḍān

Egypt’s permanent UN representative

ʿAmr Sulaymān

Free Egyptian Party

ʿAmr ʿAbd al-Ḥād
ʿAmr ʿAbd al-Ḥamīd

Head of the Desert Research Center in Marsa Matrouh.

ʿAmr ʿAbd al-Samīʿa (Dr.)


ʿAmr ʿAbd Allāh

Shī’ah activist

ʿAmr ʿAlī Ḥassan [Amr Ali Hassan] (Dr.)
ʿAmr ʿIzzāt [Amr Ezzat]

Researcher at Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights [EIPR]

ʿAmru al-Miṣrī [Amr el-Misry]

He is an Egyptian journalist who works for the Middle East News Agency (MENA), the official Egyptian news agency. He was the agency’s  correspondent in Ankara between 2013 and 2016.

ʿAmrū al-Shūbakī (Dr.)

Researcher at the al-Ahrām Center for Political & Strategic Studies

ʿAmrū Ḥamzāwī (Amr Hamzawi) (Dr.)

political activist, former MP in Egypt's parliament , and president of the political party Egypt of Freedom

ʿAmrū Mūsa (Arab League)
ʿAmrū ʿAmār [Amr Amar]

Egyptian colone, author of "The Secret Civilian Occupation Plan of January 25 and the U.S.’ Marines" (Dec. 2013)

ʿAmrū ʿĀshūr
ʿAnān Jalālī (Dr.)
ʿAntār ʿAbd al-Laṭīf


ʿĀrif al-Dabīs

Author; Journalist

ʿĀṣim al-Dusūqī (Dr.)

Egyptian Historian; Specialized in contemporary history of economic and social development; Former dean of the Faculty of Arts at Helwan University; Member of the Egyptian Society for Historical Studies

ʿAṭā Allāh Ḥannā (Archimandrite )

Greek Orthodox Archimandrite in the patriarchate of Jerusalem

ʿĀṭif Aḥmad (Dr.)

Author; Nationalist Intellectual

ʿĀṭif al-Bannā (Dr.)

Professor of Constitutional law at Cairo University Member of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, Bar Association and al-Wafd Party.

ʿĀṭif al-Ghamrī


ʿĀṭif al-Kaylānī


ʿĀṭif al-Maʿṣarānī (Pastor)
ʿĀṭif al-ʿIrāqī (Dr.)

Intellectual; Professor of Islamic philosophy at Cairo University; Author

ʿĀṭif Bishāy

Author; Scenarist

ʿĀṭif Fārūq

Author; Journalist

ʿĀṭif Ḥilmī (Mr.)

Author; Journalist

ʿĀṭif Kīrillus Yūsuf

He filed a lawsuit against Pope Shenouda to get permission to remarry

ʿĀṭif Mihannā
ʿĀṭif Najīb
ʿĀṭif Ṣidqī (Dr.)

Egyptian Prime Minister (1986-1996)